Is this subsistence Hunting? 

I take issue with the biased viewpoint relating to Métis hunting rights provided in Patrick Normand’s letter to the editor in the fall 2005 issue of the Alberta Game Warden. To my knowledge, at least seven bighorn rams have been taken on traditional wintering grounds by Métis and registered with the Fish and Wildlife Division. I can only ponder how many more have not been registered. All this under the guise of subsistence hunting, often times passing by herds of several hundred ewes and lambs to seek out and kill the largest ram available. I would suggest that the "few problem individuals" argument is weak at best. If the current practice continues, the future of wildlife is in jeopardy. The Minister's tag, which provides huge dollars for wildlife habitat, is selling for far less, and will continue to, as your brothers and sisters slaughter the prime rams on their winter range. I would hope that you have pursued this issue with your band fathers, and await a reply regarding your self-policing policies that are in place.

Curt Horning 

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